First up, we were hit with a few questions about where and how do we need brandings appear, what the key features are, and what makes a successful brand. We were asked to be in groups to address questions, there was one questions for each group. Key Features – Name, logo, identity, image, iconic, style […]

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Site Visit

We have been given as task to be visiting the fashion retails. And we should be at least visiting at least two of the listing below.   Dover Street Market (Hay Market) A ‘designer’ shop in Bond Street Topshop (Oxford Circus) Traid (Camden, Dalston, Brixton, Hammersmith or Shepard’s Bush)   For myself I have chosen […]

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Post Modernism

We have first defined the 3 main boundaries. Real, Imaginary, Symbolic. Real – Authentic, Truth, Intuition, Soulfulness, Primal and intuitive. Imaginary – Desire. Symbolic – Visual, linguistic, Expression of desire, Aesthetics, Visuals.   After that we were given two questions. How do performance and performativity create identity? What is the fashion of identity in/after post-modernism? […]

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Drapery and the social body

As we have started off talking about the word Drapery. Which we should look up the definition of the meaning of the word. Drapery noun, plural draperies. 1. coverings, hangings, clothing, etc., of fabric, especially as arranged in loose, graceful folds. 4. Art. hangings, clothing, etc., as represented in sculpture or painting. We have started […]

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Experiencing the city

How we feel about a place tends to be never brought up in words but yet stands a good place in ourselves. We seems to be always under looking that fact that we should care more about how we feel in this single place that we are living in. Not only that to make yourself […]

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We have started off with having the definition of understanding the word “Cosmopolitanism”. The definition behind this is basically about us all, human beings are basically under and belong to one and only community. But as we put the word in use, as for example what if we use this word and what does it […]

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